If you missed the URCNA 2017 Missions and Pastors Conference, information and recordings of the conference can be found here:

URCNA 2017 Missions and Pastors Conference

Speakers and Topics at the Conference:

Dr. Eric B. Watkins
1) Preaching to Generation Y: Reaching the Lost Without Losing the Reached
2) From Geneva to Disney World: Reformed Worship in a Postmodern Context
3) Reformed and Evangelistic: Cultivating Outward-Facing Church Plants
Rev. Eric B. Watkins is church-planter and pastor of the Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC) in St. Augustine, Florida.

Rev. Paul Murphy
1) A Church for God’s Mission:
Not a Mission for His Church – Understanding the Great Commission  (Part one)
Not a Mission for His Church – Understanding the Great Commission  (Part two)

2) Reformed and Missional: The Challenge of Being an Evangelistic, Community-Centered Church
Rev. Paul Murphy is pastor of Messiah's Reformed Fellowship (URC) in New York City and a frequent speaker on evangelism and the Lord's calling for the church of today.

Rev. Harry Bout
Take Heed to Yourself -Your Public Ministry and Your Private Walk
Rev. Harry Bout is an emeritus minister of the Immanuel URC in Jordan,  ON.  He continues to work in Tepic, Mexico for several months of the year as well as being involved in Hispanic outreach work in southern Ontario.

Dr. Brian Lee
The Challenges and Joys of Urban Church Planting
Dr. Brian Lee is pastor of Christ URC in Washington, DC where he has laboured as a church-planting pastor since 2008.

Rev. Connan A.V. Kublik
Discipleship through Home Bible Studies
Rev. Connan Kublik is pastor of New City Church (PCA) in Hamilton, ON.

Rev. Bill DeJong
Reaching Your Community with the Gospel: Practical Ways to reach out Locally
Rev. Bill DeJong is pastor of Blessings Christian Church in Hamilton, Ontario and he has served churches in both Canada and the United States.

Rev. Brian Cochran
*Training our Youth to Stand Strong in a Digital Age
Rev. Brian Cochran is pastor and church-planter of Redeemer Reformation Church (URC) in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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